Thursday, October 9, 2008

Equipment Guide: Breadmaker

Note: Sorry guys, your humble chef has been stricken with the flu for the past several days. I apologize for the interruption in service.

So, you want to make pizza, but are discouraged by the time and effort it takes to make dough? You like hot, warm bread but are far too lazy to go through all the steps yourself? Good news! Man has invented a solution: the bread maker!

Man, I never new how useful one of these bad boys was until i got one for myself. I mean, sure, I liked homemade pizza and all that jazz, but making dough is just so much darned work! Now, with the bread maker, you just throw all the ingredients in the bread pan, hit a few buttons, and you're done!

Personally, I love hot, homemade bread, so that's what I use it for most often, but as I mentioned above, its perfect for homemade pizza dough, calzones, banana bread, rolls, buns or any number of recipes that require you to make dough first. You can even use it to mix dough for chicken pot pies!

Cost: I got my bread maker for about $40. You can probably get one cheaper if you shop around at consignment shops or the Goodwill. Once you have yeast and flour, you can make all kinds of dough and bread for literally pennies!

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